Pro Series Snowmaker

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Requirements for Operation

Cold Weather Below 28ºF

Any Pressure Washer that flows between 1.2 GPM - 4.0 GPM 

Air Compressor with a minimum of 5cfm@90psi

Please select your pressure washer flow rate (GPM) when ordering.

Please note this page is for ordering the SNOWMAKER ONLY. You can order the snowmaker with an optional tripod mounting stand here

The Pro Series Snowmakers are the highest quality home snowmakers we offer. They have been proven over time to be one of the best and most reliable home snowmakers on the market.

The snowmaker body is made from precision machined aluminum and should last a lifetime. Stainless steel snowmaking nozzles ensure they will last for years and not wear out prematurely. 

The internal mix design is superior in windy and extremely cold conditions to prevent freeze ups at the nucleation nozzle. The internal automatic nucleation valve handles all of the snowmaker air and water adjustments for you. This gives you a plug and play setup that nearly eliminates the chance for operator error.