Home Snowmaking FAQ

How much snow can I make with your snowmakers?

A: How much snow you can make depends on the weather conditions, type of snowmaker, and how much water you are flowing into the snowmaker. Basically, the colder it is outside and the more gallons per minute (GPM) your pressure washer flows, the more snow you can make.

Q: Do your snowmakers make REAL snow?

A: Yes, and that is why they require temperatures below freezing in order to work. Our home snow makers are just scaled down versions of the ones you see at ski resorts. 

Q: How cold must it be to make snow with a snowgun?

A: The general rule of thumb is 28ºF or less. This is because snowmaking goes by what is called the "wet bulb temperature". The wet bulb temperature is the temperature with the relative humidity level factored in.

Q: Which type of snowmaker makes the most amount of snow?

A: Any home snowmaker that uses high pressure water from a pressure washer will make the most snow. This is because the high pressure water produces finer water droplets and allows the snowmaker to follow a more efficient snowmaking process in order to make snow.

Q: I live in the deep south where it is warm in winter. Can I still make snow?

A: Yes, we have had customers as far south as mid Florida make snow successfully with our snowmakers during cold snaps.

Q: The weather is cold enough to make snow but all I'm making is ice. What is the problem?

A: Most likely it is because the weather conditions are too marginal for snowmaking and they could have changed just enough to prevent you from making snow. Your best bet is to wait until it gets just a bit colder and then try again.

Q: Do your snowmakers require adjustments?

A: The Mini Series and Pro Series Snowmakers come with our automatic nucleation valve. This handles the air and water adjustments at the snowmaker for you, which gives you a plug and play set up. You only have to set the air pressure at your compressor regulator.

Q: Will I be wasting water making snow?

A: No. When the snow melts and turns back into water it will re-enter the water table naturally.

Q: Do your snowmakers produce a snow falling effect like natural snow?

A: Snowmakers produce more of a cloud of mist. They do not create a snow falling effect of individual flakes. In fact, it is impossible to create individual flakes of snow. 

Q: Can I make snow indoors or in an enclosed climate controlled trailer?

A: Our equipment is designed for outdoor use only. Although we have had a few customers make snow indoors with mixed results. 

For the best results you need a room big enough so that the mist has enough hang time before it falls to the ground as snow. If a room is too small, the mist will hit the walls too quickly and make ice instead.

Running the snowmaker in an enclosed environment will also raise the humidity level quickly. So it is imperative you have a way to regulate not just the temperature of the room, but also the humidity as well.

Since our equipment is designed for outdoor use only, we do not make any guarantees that our equipment will work for indoor snowmaking applications.