All of our snowmakers make real snow, just like the ones at ski resorts do. Below we compiled a list of what you need to make real snow in your backyard with one of our home snowmaking machines.

Cold Weather Below 28ºF

In order for the water to freeze into snow, it has to be cold. Snowmaking goes by the wetbulb temperature, which is the outside temperature with the humidity level factored in. The wetbulb temperature needs to be 27ºF or less, and this is generally achieved once it is 28ºF or colder outside.

Air Compressor

Any air compressor will work with our snowmakers as long as it produces at least 5cfm@90psi or more. The CFM rating of the compressor is usually on a label on the tank.

Pressure Washer

Any pressure washer will work with our snowmakers. The more gallons per minute (GPM) yours flows, the more snow you can make. Electric pressure washers tend to be quieter than gas pressure washers.


Last but not least, you need a snowmaker. The snowmaker combines the high pressure water from your pressure washer with the compressed air in a very specific ratio in cold weather to make real snow!