Discounted Snowmaker

Regular price $199.99

We have 3 Pro Series Snowmakers available at a discount that were rejected for quality control reasons. Please note, these have been sitting around for awhile and cosmetically the snowmaker body may contain cosmetic blemishes such as scratches.

We received a batch of bad elbow fittings for the water connection on the top of the snowmaker and when removing them, bottomed out the threads for the water connection. This prevented us from re-installing a new elbow where it would line up with the back of the snowmaker like you normally see.

Rather than toss these expensive snowmaker bodies on the scrap pile, we eliminated the water connection elbow and installed a pressure washer quick connect fitting directly to the snowmaker body. We pressure tested them and there were no leak issues.

We recommend leaving the pressure washer quick connect fitting in place. If you need a different fitting for your pressure washer hose, we recommend purchasing an adapter for less than $10 so you don't risk damaging the threads further by removing the quick connect.

After purchasing we will contact you to find out how many gallons per minute (GPM) your pressure washer is, so we install the correct nozzles on your snowmaker. An optional tripod stand is available for an extra $100.

Requiresments for Operation

Cold Weather: 28ºF or less
Air Compressor: Minimum 5cfm@90psi or more
Pressure Washer: Any pressure washer that flows 1.2 GPM - 4.0 GPM