Avalanche Snowmaker Front
Avalanche Snowmaker Side View
Angled Tripod Stand
Note: Air shut off valve (yellow handle valve) on bottom of snowmaker has been removed for unrestricted air flow.

Make Real Snow In Your Backyard!


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Veyron Snowmaker
For pressure washers that flow between 2.5 GPM and 3.5 GPM
Veyron Snowmaker

For Pressure Washer that flow between 2.5 GPM - 3.5 GPM


Snowmaker Only: $439.99

Snowmaker & Tripod Stand: $519.99

Airline Check Valve (optional): $40

Pressure Washer Filter (optional): $30
Requirements for Operation:

- Cold Weather below 28ºF

- Pressure Washer that flows between 2.5 - 3.5
GPM (Typically a Mid Size Gas Pressure Washer)

- Air compressor with a minimum of 5cfm@90psi
Make real snow in your backyard this winter with the Veyron Snowmaker. The internal
automatic nucleation valve handles all of the air and water adjustments for you eliminating any
chance of operator error to guarantee you always make snow.

The robust internal nucleation design works exceptionally well in marginal conditions and
prevents freeze ups from occurring in cold and windy conditions. The one piece construction
snowmaker body and larger diameter plumbing compared to the "Mini Series" snowmakers also
helps to reduce freeze up issues.

Sold with an optional tripod stand for easy mounting, or buy just the snowmaker itself and make
your own stand. Can also be mounted to the side of a ladder or tripod with zip ties.

Options: Air Connection Check Valve can be added to prevent water from back flowing to
compressor in the event the compressor turns off. Pressure Washer Inline Filter can be
installed on your pressure washer to prevent damage to the pump from sediment in your water

*The Veyron Snowmaker comes with a universal 3/8" Pressure Washer hose quick connect
fitting. Depending on your pressure washer hose, you may need to replace this fitting with a
compatible fitting that works with your hose.

Air hose quick connects are not universal so we do not supply those. You will need to install
one on the snowmaker air connection if your air hoses uses them.
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