Come see for yourself why we turn more of our competitor's customers into our customers. Fancy marketing may allow the competition to sell an inferior
product, but chances are you won't be satisfied with it. Too often people buy the "coolest looking" products and find out while it may look it nice, it's
doesn't always perform to their expectations. We may not offer "fancy" looking products, but our products always perform to your expectations.

Our business has been built on word of mouth advertising through the quality of our products and our satisfied customers. We don't spend thousands
of dollars on sponsorships or fancy marketing videos like other companies do. That's why our products sell for much less, not because they are half the
quality. Here are a few other reasons why people choose SnowStorm Snowmaking for their home snowmaking needs:

Dependability and Reliability

Simply put our snowmakers are built to last you forever. Our snowmakers are only made from the highest quality materials including aluminum, brass,
and stainless steel. Our quality control standards are second to none. We thoroughly inspect and test all of our snowmakers before they are packaged
and shipped. This way you can be assured that the snowmaker you will receive will make
REAL SNOW without any problems.

Operating Simplicity

All of our snowmakers were designed around one basic element, simplicity for ease of use. All of our high pressure snowmakers feature our automatic
nucleation valve.
The automatic nucleation valve handles all of the air and water adjustments for you. Other internal mix snowmakers that run off of
pressure washers require you to manually set a valve to mix the compressed air and water. This increases your chances of operator error which can
result in you not making snow if the valve isn't properly adjusted. An improperly adjusted valve can also prevent you from making the highest quality
snow possible. Our automatic nucleation vale ensures you always make the highest quality snow possible.

Snowmaker Prices

We know home snowmaking can be an expensive hobby to get into. If you are not fortunate enough to already own an air compressor and pressure
washer, buying these items in addition to a snowmaker can be very expensive. Throughout the years, we have worked our hardest to keep our
snowmaker prices down for everyone to enjoy. We don't however, skimp on their quality just to offer a lower price.

A common misconception is that more nozzles on a snowmaker equals more snow made per hour. Don't be fooled by this assumption. The number of
nozzles on a high pressure snowmaker is irrelevant. The only way to make more snow is to get a bigger pressure washer that flows more water, gallons
per minute (gpm). It makes no difference if your snowmaker has 3 nozzles or 6 nozzles. What matters is that the nozzles on your snowmaker match how
much water your pressure washer is putting out. You will see we have 4 snowmaker models, all with 3 nozzles. The only difference between them is the
size nozzles they use for different flow rate pressure washers.

We cannot stress enough, don't find yourself paying
HUNDREDS of dollars more for another snowmaker from our competitors just because it has more
nozzles. What the competition does is use lower flow rate nozzles, so in order to flow more water out of the snowmaker they need to add more nozzles.
This is fine, but some companies charge $200 to $300  for just adding an additional nozzle or two to increase the flow rate of the snowmaker. Trust us,
it doesn't cost that much to install another nozzle or two and you end up paying a lot more than you really need to for a snowmaker.

Customer Service

Even though our office closes at 5pm, we generally have someone available in our office until around midnight  that would be happy to assist you in any
way they can (November-February). Even if you cannot get in touch with someone in our office by phone after hours, our main email address is
constantly checked after hours, including weekends and holidays. Most emails are replied to within an hour or two at the most.

Needless to say we have helped lots of people over the years make snow after we closed for the day. Our after hours customer service is invaluable if
you live in an area where it only gets cold a few nights per year and you find out you have a question after we close for the day.
From Paramount Pictures to the US Army to the University of Alaska, we've helped them all make snow. These
businesses and organizations along with many others trust SnowStorm Snowmaking for all of their snowmaking
needs. Besides helping people make real snow in their backyards we've helped countless businesses and
organizations produce real snow for motion pictures, product testing, and scientific testing purposes.

Designing snowmaking products is our specialty and you can be assured that when you buy a SnowStorm
Snowmaking product that it is of the highest quality. We rigorously test our products in extreme snowmaking
conditions to ensure they perform. Our employees consist of die hard snow lovers who enjoy skiing and
snowboarding. We all take pride in producing a product that helps others enjoy snow as much as we do!
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