Q: How much snow can I make with your snowmakers?
How much snow you can make depends on the weather conditions, type of snowmaker, and how much water
you are flowing out of the snowmaker. Basically the colder it is outside and the more gallons per minute (gpm)
your pressure washer puts out, the more snow you can make.
Q: How long will it take to receive my snowmaker once ordered?
Most orders ship same day or next and arrive in 1 to 6 days, depending on your location. Order Early! Early fall and before December is your best
bet to guarantee fast delivery. Our advice is don't wait for the cold weather to arrive. As Christmas approaches we get swamped with Christmas orders
and delays sometimes can occur even though we have plenty of snowmakers in stock. We just get too overwhelmed all at once.

Q: Which type of snowmaker makes the most amount of snow, a high pressure snowmaker or a garden hose snowmaker?
Hands down high pressure snowmakers that use either a pressure washer or snowmaking pump make the most amount of snow per hour. High
pressure snowmakers follow a more efficient snowmaking process which is what allows them to make more snow. The amount of snow made between a
garden hose snowmaker and high pressure snowmaker is like night and day.

Q: I live in the deep south where it is warm in the winter. Can I still make snow?
Yes, we've had people make snow even in northern and central Florida! In the south you deal with warmer water temperatures and some times need
to wait until it gets a bit colder than 28ºF. Make sure you get your snowmaker
before the cold weather arrives to take advantage of any cold snap you
get! Too often people in the south wait to order their snowmaker when the cold weather arrives. By the time their snowmaker arrives, the cold snap is
usually gone. So be prepared ahead of time is our best advice if you live in the south.

Q: My weather station says it's cold enough to make snow but all I'm making is ice. What's wrong?
If it's marginal for making snow, it's probably not cold enough yet to make snow. Weather stations are not 100% accurate and if you are going off a
weather report, the conditions where the reading is from may not match your exact conditions. Different parts of your backyard can have different
temperatures as well. So where your reading was taken and where you are making snow could be two different temperatures.

High humidity always throws a monkey wrench into the snowmaking equation, more so when it's 25ºF or warmer. If it's very high humidity, you might not
be able to make snow until it gets a bit colder outside.

Q: What are the advantages of using a snowmaking pump instead of a pressure washer with one of your high pressure snowmakers?
You can read all the advantages of using a snowmaking pump by clicking here

Q: Do your high pressure snowmakers require adjustments?
Our professionally built high pressure snowmakers (Vector, Avalanche, Veyron, Snowstorm) come with our automatic nucleation valve that handles
all of the snowmaker air and water adjustments for you. The only thing you need to set is your air pressure at the compressor regulator.

Q: Do your snowmakers make real snow? Are they just like the ones at the ski resorts?
Our snowmakers make REAL snow which is why they require temperatures below freezing to work. Our snowguns are just a scaled down version of
the ones you see at ski resorts.

Q: Will I be wasting water by making snow?
No. When the snow melts it turns to water and seeps back into the ground. As the water seeps into the ground it is naturally filtered and then enters
the water table.

Q: Will making snow on my grass kill it come spring time?
No. Making snow on your grass actually helps your grass. When the snow melts it waters your lawn. Come spring time areas that had snow on them
will be nice and green.

Q: I heard man made snow holds up much better than natural snow in warm temperatures and through rain. Why is that?
Man made snow is much more dense than natural snow is and therefore it will hold up much better.

Q: Do the snowmakers make a snow falling effect?
The snowmakers do not really give you a snow falling effect. The snow makers make more of a mist cloud and tiny droplets of water fall to the ground
as snow once they freeze.

Q: Can you make snow indoors or inside an enclosed cool area such as a trailer?
Even though you may have the temperature low enough indoors to make snow, the humidity will quickly rise from the snowmaker running since it is
an enclosed area. The high humidity will not allow you to make snow. The only way to make snow indoors is if you have a sophisticated HVAC system
that will regulate both the temperature and humidity, which is very expensive.
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